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Crop Pest Surveillance and Advisory Project (CROPSAP) - Maharashtra
  • Implementation of mobile based mCROPSAP project was facilitated for the 11th year across eight target crops over 174 lakh ha in Maharashtra in collaboration with State Department of Agriculture (2021-22).
  • Need (economic threshold level -ETL) based pest management advisories were formulated for each crop and updated during each season in discussion with SAUs of Maharashtra in detailed and brief formats for dissemination through SMS to the registered farmers. A total of more than 27000 advisories were disseminated across eight crops during 2021-22.
  • Surveillance and awareness programmes were organized for the invasive insect fall armyworm (FAW) (Spodoptera frugiperda) since 2018 with its IPM practices disseminated. One out of 8.84 lakh ha of kharif maize had FAW infestations and 99% of the infested fields were treated timely using insecticides with label claim in 2019. Seasons 2020 and 2021 had significantly reduced incidence as well as damage due to FAW across Maharashtra on maize.
  • Mobile apps on insecticide fungicide calculations in English and Marathi were updated and hosted on Google Play Store for the crops viz., rice, soybean, cotton, rice, pigeonpea, chickpea, maize and sugarcane.
  • Bilingual (English & Marathi) maize pesticide calculator aiding in calculations of insecticide/fungicide/herbicide quantity required for a given farm area based on recommended dosages and dilution with water and method of application was developed and hosted on Google play store.
Horticultural Crop Pests Surveillance and Advisory Project (HORTSAP)-Maharashtra
  • Web based pest surveillance and advisory system developed under the project was enhanced as per the project requirements. ICT based pest surveillance was extended to 30 districts covering 6, 58,790 ha for nine crops viz., Mango, Pomegranate, Banana, Nagpur mandarin, Sweet orange, Sapota, Tomato, Okra and Cashewnut during 2021-22.
  • Implementation of IPM strategies was facilitated through the system in collaboration with SAUs, ICAR institutes and State Department of Horticulture, Maharashtra.
  • Three trainings on identification of pests, village registration, data recording and entry into the system were conducted for the project staff during 2019.
  • A total of 16,644 advisories were issued to farmers for timely application of pest management strategies during 2021.
ICT based Pest Surveillance and Advisory Services for Selected Horticultural Crops in Haryana
  • Mobile based pest surveillance and Advisory System for selected horticultural crops Tomato, Chilli, Okra, Brinjal, Cucurbits, Crucifers and Kinnow was designed and developed. The system comprised of a mobile app for pest data capture and a web based pest reporting and advisory application.
  • System was successfully implemented in an area of 32758 ha belonging to Karnal, Kurukshetra, Panipat, Sonepat, Gurugram, Mewat, Fatehabad and Hisar districts of Haryana during 2018-21.
  • Two trainings on pest identification, recording pest observations and various operations of the system were conducted at HTI, Uchani, Karnal for the project staff.
  • System captured 21411 pest data entries during 2021. Total 11758 farmers were registered into the system for receiving pest management advisories during the year. 1944 ETL based pest management advisories were disseminated to the registered farmers via 14, 56,418 of SMSs sent on their mobile phones.


Development of Mobile based Pest Management Information System for Brinjal and Tomato: PMIS 2.0
  • Android based Mobile apps (PMIS v 2.0) for pest management in Brinjal and Tomato crops were developed in Hindi and English languages.
  • Apps provide timely and correct information for pest management in Brinjal and Tomato corps to the farmers and extension workers and are available on Google Play store.

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