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Ph.D. (Ag. Entomology)

Principal Scientist (Ag. Entomology)

Email: surender[dot]singh[at]icar[dot]gov[dot]in; sk_ncipm[at]yahoo[dot]com

Telephone: 011-25843935

Mobile No.: +919315831244

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Top 10 Research Papers:
  • Singh, S.K. (2017). An efficient egg cleaning technique for Corcyra cephalonica (stainton) (lepidoptera: pyralidae), J ornal of Exp. Zoology India, 20(1):291-293.
  • Ahuja, D.B., Ahuja, U.R., Singh, S.K. and Singh, N. (2015). Comparison of Integrated Pest Management approaches and conventional (non-IPM) practices in late-winter-season cauliflower in Northern India, Crop Protection, 78:232-238.
  • Singh, S.K., Ahuja, D.B., Garg, D.K. and Bambawale, O.M. (2012). An innovative larval parasitoids multiplication kit, Annals of Pl. Protection Sciences, 20(1):33-36.
  • Ahuja, D.B., Kalyan, R.K., Singh, S.K. and Ahuja, U.R. (2008). Effect of Native Flora of Indian (Thar) Desert on the Development and Survival of Beat Armyworm, Spodopteraexigua (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), Journal of Insect Science, 21(3):282-285.
  • Singh, S., Parlekar, G.Y. and Singh, S.K. (2006). Development and validation of IPM schedule for safflower and chickpea strip cropping system under rainfed conditions in Maharashtra, Indian Phytopathology, 59(2):164-167.
  • Singh, S., Singh, S.K. and Suryawanshi, D.S. (2006). Evaluation of different treatments for the management of safflower insect pests and diseases under rainfed conditions, Indian Journal of Entomology, 68(3):286-289.
  • Singh, S., Singh, S.K. and Katti, P. (2005). Development of eco-friendly IPM technology for groundnut+sunflower based production system under rainfed conditions, Journal of Entomological Research, 29(3):189-192.
  • Singh S. K., Singh, S. and Katti, P. (2005). Evaluation of IPM Technology for Groundnut and Sunflower Based Production System, Entomon, 30(3):201-205.
  • Kumar, P. and Kumar, Surender, (2002). Evaluation of different rearing media for Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton), Journal of biol. Cont., 16(2):117-120.
  • Kumar, P. and Kumar, Surender (2001). Fool proof cage for rearing Corcyra cephalonica, Indian Journal of Entomology, 63(3):322-324.
  • Fellowship - 2003, Entomological Society of India
  • SPPS Outstanding Scientist Award - 2018, Society of Plant Protection Sciences
  • Entomological Society of India
  • Society of Plant Protection Science
  • Indian Society for the Advancement of Insect Science
  • Society for Biocontrol Advancement
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