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Dr. NIRANJAN SINGH Dr Niranjan Singh

Ph.D. (Computer Applications)

Senior Scientist (Computer Applications in Agriculture)

Email: niranjan[dot]singh1[at]icar[dot]gov[dot]in; attri[dot]ns[at]gmail[dot]com

Telephone: 011-25843935

Mobile No.: +919811861970

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Top 10 Research Papers:
  • Singh, Niranjan, Sehgal, M., Kanwar, Vikas, Kumar, Prashant and Kevin, S. (2019). ICT based pest surveillance and advisory services for Rice in Raison district of Madhya Pradesh, International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, 8(3):2936-2940.
  • Rakhee, Sharma, Kumar, A., Tanwar, R.K. and Singh, Niranjan (2018). Web-enabled data extraction system for cotton pests, Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 88(6):841–844.
  • Singh, Niranjan, Vennila, S. and Ahuja, D.B. (2018). Web-based system for study of pest dynamics in relation to climate change in India, Indian Journal of Entomology, 80(2):367-371.
  • Kumar, A., Misra, Tanuj, Batra, Kamal, Sharma, Rakhee, Mishra, A.K., Vennila, S., Tanwar, R.K., Singh, N., Wahi, P., Rajendran, R., Sidde, Gowda, D.K., Sarao, P.S., Jalgaonkar, V.N., Roy, S.K. and Chattopadhyay, C. (2016). Web enabled and weather based forewarning of yellow stem borer [Scirpophaga incertulas (Walker)] and leaf folder [Cnaphalocrcis medinalis (Guenee)] for different rice growing locations of India, MAUSAM, 67(4):861-868.
  • Bhagat, S., Tripathi, A.K., Ahmad, I., Birah, A., Sharma, O.P. and Singh, Niranjan (2015). Integrated disease management for tomato in Island Ecosystem of Andaman, Indian Journal of Horticulture, 72(1):67-72.
  • Ahuja, D.B., Ahuja, U.R., Singh, S.K. and Singh, Niranjan (2015). Comparison of Integrated Pest Management techniques and conventional farmers' practice in late-winter-season cauliflower in northern India, Crop Protection, 78:232-238.
  • Kumar, A., Kumar, Vinod, Bhattacharya, B.K., Singh, Niranjan and Chattopadhyay, C. (2014). Integrated Disease Management: Need for Climate-resilient Technologies, J. Mycol Plant Pathology, 43(1):28-36.
  • Singh, Niranjan, Vennila, S. and Jeyakumar, P. (2014). Area wide E-Pest Surveillance for Soybean in Maharashtra, Soybean Research, (Special issue-2):249-255.
  • Singh, Niranjan, Sardana, H.R. and Kumar, S.S. (2012). Pest Management Information System (PMIS) for Tomato: A Database Tool for IPM, Indian Journal of Entomology, 74(2):202-204.
  • Singh, Niranjan, Jeyakumar, P, Bambawale, O.M., Vennila, S., Kanojia, A.K., Bhagat, S. and Kumar, S.S. (2012). E-pest surveillance system for soybean (Glycine max) and cotton (Gossypium spp) crops, Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 82 (9):800–807.
  • National e-Governance Awards - 2012 for exemplary re-use of ICT based solutions in Crop Pest Surveillance and Advisory Project (CROPSAP), Maharashtra
  • Prime Minister’s Award - 2012-13 for Excellence in Public Administration to Crop Pest Surveillance and Advisory Project (CROPSAP), Maharashtra
  • कृषि विज्ञान गौरव - २०१७, आईसीटी आधारित किट निगरानी व स्लाहकर प्रणाली: एक अग्रणी पहल
  • Entomological Society of India
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