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Dr. DEVARAMANE RAGHAVENDRA Dr Devaramane Raghavendra

Ph.D. (Ag. Entomology)

Scientist (Ag. Entomology)

Email: d[dot]raghvendra[at]icar[dot]gov[dot]in; raghuento[at]gmail[dot]com

Telephone: 011-25843935

Mobile No.: +918005259476

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Top 10 Research Papers:
  • Raghavendra, D., Jagadish, K.S, Srinivasareddy, K.M, Belavadi, V.V., Shadakshari, Y.G and Bhojaraja, N.K. (2018). Abundance and diversity of pollinator fauna of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.), Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies, 6(5):211-216.
  • Bhojaraja, N.K., Agarwal, D.K., Vijay, Kumar, H.P., Ramesh, K.V., Sripathy, K.V., Tomar, R.S. and Ragavendra, D. (2018). Genetic variability and diversity analysis for different morpho-metric traits in finger millet Eleusine coracana (l.) Gaertn], Proceedings of PSMB, National Conference on “Current Trends In Plant Science And Molecular Biology For Food Security And Climate Resilient Agriculture”, 15-16, Feb 2018.
  • Raghavendra, D. and Jagadish, K.S., (2018). Foraging pattern of Apis cerana indica Fab. on CMS and RHA parental lines of sunflower hybrid KBSH-53 under varied planting ratio and pollination situations, The Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 52(32):186-196.
  • Raghavendra, D. and Loganathan, M. (2017). Effect of pulse beetle (Callosobruchus maculates L.) infestation on quality of pigeonpea seed, International Journal of Pure and Applied Biosciences, 5(6):976-980.
  • Raghavendra, D., Manoharan, T. and Preeta, G. (2017). Evaluation of plant oils as synergists in suppression of malathion resistance in Sitophilus oryzae (L.) and Tribolium castaneum (Herbst.), International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, 6(7):907-917.
  • Raghavendra, D., Manoharan, T., Preetha, G. and Naveena, N.L. (2015). Evaluation of synthetic synergists for suppression of malathion resistant population of Sitophilus oryzae (L.) and Tribolium castaneum (HERBST.), Bioinfolet., 12(1A):6-9.
  • Arvind, N.S., Rajan, Saumya Raghavendra, D. and Prasad, S.R. (2014). Repellent activity of ethonolic extract of Argemone mexicana against three major storage insect pests, Life Sciences International Research Journal, 1(1):546-550.
  • Arvind, N.S., Rajan, Saumya, Raghavendra, D. and Prasad, S.R. (2013). Plant extracts as repellents against adults of Tribolium castaneum, Rhyzopertha dominica and Sitophilus oryzae, Indian Journal of Plant Protection, 41(4):296-300.
  • Entomological Society of India
  • Indian Journal of Plant Protection
  • The Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences
  • Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies
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